Diabetes Resources

Support Groups

Living with diabetes impacts your life and can feel overwhelming. It is important to develop a strong network of caring family members and friends to help you manage living with diabetes. A number of support groups are available in northern Michigan. Online support groups also are available.

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Northern Michigan Resource Guide

Our comprehensive guide to diabetes services and support in northern Michigan includes the following topics listed by county:

  • Diabetes Management and Nutritional Services: Endocrinologists, primary care providers who have additional training in diabetes, diabetes education programs
  • Medication Assistance Programs: Prescription coverage assistance programs, prescription discount programs
  • Durable Medical Equipment: Testing supplies
  • Insurance Company Coverage: Lower cost insurance programs and clinics
  • Fitness Opportunities: Free and/or low cost fitness opportunities including trails, centers, and programs
  • Professional Services: Dental and vision care services

See the complete guide to find resources near you. (Updated March 2018)

Apps for Smart Phones

MyDay Pro (free) 
The MyDay app is a tool to help young people with diabetes keep track of things in their day-to-day lives that may be impacting their self-care. Keeping track of how you feel, who you are with, where you are, and other day-to-day things can help you recognize patterns in your diabetes self-care.

mySugr Logbook (free)
Diabetes logbook app that uses data “with elements of fun, gamification and immediate feedback.”  Designed for Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. Personalized feedback, log blood glucose, carbs, and insulin use. Pro version is $2.99/month with in app counseling by certified diabetes educator. 

mySugr Junior (free)
Makes managing diabetes easier for kids. Awards points for entries, encouraging children to keep up on managing their diabetes. Also sends push messages or emails to parents to update them on their child’s progress when they are not with them. 

Glucose Buddy (free)
Supports entries for diet, exercise, blood glucose, and medication. 

GoMeals (free)
A food tracker with calorie counts, a food database, and nutritional values.  The tracker keeps tabs on number of calories expended during exercise, and allows users to input and record glucose readings. Newly added features: activity tracker, blood glucose log, and connects with social media. 

BANT (free)
This app is designed to easily capture blood glucose readings and supply trend data for up to 90 days.

Care4life (free)
Care4life helps you manage Type 2 diabetes and make healthy choices. The app will send supportive text messages. You can set reminders, track blood sugar, track weight, and look up healthy recipes. 

AADE Diabetes Goal Tracker (free)
Diabetes Goal Tracker helps you set goals based on seven ways to help manage diabetes. In English or Spanish. 

Lose it! (free)
Lose it! allows you to set and track weight loss goals, track the food you eat every day with pictures, and share and connect with other people you know who use app. Available on iTunes and Google Play. 

Diabetes in Check (free)
This app allows you to track your blood glucose, carbs, and medication. It also provides digital coaching from a Certified Diabetes Educator, has a list of recipes you can prepare, a reference list of foods you can eat, and a bar code scanner for quickly inputting nutrition information.   

Sugar Sense (free)
Provides graphic of glucose levels over time, support with an online community forum, can pull data from fitness trackers. 

Daily Carb (free)
Lets your set a “carb budget” for the day and track your nutrition intake. Also allows users to track A1c, blood pressure, weight and medications. 

ShopWell (free)
Personalized recommendations for how to shop healthy at the grocery store by scanning items. 

Diabetic Connect (free)
Record and track blood glucose, insulin and medications.  Appropriate for both Type 1 and Type 2.  Premium version is $1.99/month. 

One Drop (free)
Log food and exercise, provides peer and expert support, appropriate for Type 1 and Type 2 insulin dependent. The app can sync with continuous glucose monitors.  

Glucose Companion ($1.99)
Glucose Companion tracks your blood sugars, weight, and helps calculate the right insulin dose. You can share tracked information with your doctor. 

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Diabetes Websites and online community

Learn more about diabetes using these trusted websites, organizations, and news sources.

A Sweet Life
American Association of Diabetes Educators
Joslin Diabetes Center
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Type One Nation
Diabetes Self-Management
Diabetes Forecast
Diabetic Living Online
Diabetes Care
National Diabetes Education Program
American Diabetes Association
CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
College Diabetes Network (CDN)
Diabetes Community for Advocacy Foundation (DCAF)
DiabetesMine at Healthline
International Diabetes Federation (IDF)
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)