Radiology Compendium

Radiology order renaming is underway. Effective December 4th, there will be changes to the Nuclear Medicine Order Compendium.  Memo: Radiology NM Compendium Update  Changes: Radiology NM Compendium 12042017

Whether your office is using hosted EMR, non-hosted EMR, or is paper-based, please be aware of the following:

For offices with an EMR:

  • All Offices: Updating exam names is necessary for interfacing reports electronically. There may be virtual orders that come through as a result of this change that you will need to manually match up. Please inactivate old exam names only in your EMR prior to updating your system with the new exam names.
  • Hosted eClinical Works: Please update your Radiology Compendium with the new exam names. Your contact is Renee Gerrie, who can be reached at 231-935-6558.
  • Hosted NextGen: Munson will update the master service item library, and you will need to map the code to your service library. Please review all provided changes. If you have order sets, flow sheets, and or other areas that are based on exam names, please make these changes AFTER the names change. If these changes aren’t made, your order sets, flow sheets, favorites, etc. will stop working. Your contact is John Rokos, who can be reached at 231-935-6999.
  • Non-hosted EMRs, including eClinical Works, NextGen, A4/Allscripts, Amazing Charts, Encounter Pro, GloStream, SOAPware, etc.: Please update the new exam names in your EMR. Updating exam names is necessary for correctly matching interfaced reports.

For offices without an EMR or those that use any paper-based ordering:

Updated Radiology order forms are available online at Please use these when ordering radiology exams. Additional forms can be ordered by faxing a Forms Order Requisition to 231-947-2436. If you need a Forms Order Requisition, call Munson Forms at 231-935-8228.